Screenwriting Glossary

act | A finite block of story action, its conclusion leading either a new direction for the story’s conflict, or to a resolution. An act is like a story all unto itself. It, too, has a beginning, middle, and end. Acts should be treated not just as parts of a … More

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Variations in Screenplay Format

Screenplay FormatScreenplay format is at times straightforward, at times confusing. Yet beginning screenwriters often assume that rules of format are set in stone, which is not true. Script format evolves, mutates, and varies from writer to writer. Learning when and how you can alter format to your needs will make your … More

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Steal This Idea!

CopypastaEverybody does it. What are Hollywood screenwriters and producers if not a sleek band of rapacious idea-highwaymen and -women, constantly on the prowl for the unpillaged concept, the unpludered notion?

Now it’s your turn.

Yes, you, too, can join this elite cadre of concept-ninja, and obtain ideas the old-fashioned way; … More

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An Actor’s Perspective

Kirk!It’s essential for a screenwriter to understand a script from the perspective of an actor. Acting, being the major component of performed drama, overlaps and interlocks with screenwriting in some very important and integral ways.

Thus, a great way to better understand the role that character plays in your own … More

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