Interview: Director David Cronenberg

David CronenbergDavid Cronenberg‘s film eXistenZ (1999) was the first screenplay that the director had authored since the twisted cult classic Videodrome in 1983. It is thus not surprising that work in many ways feels thematically similar, and at times, even reads like a sequel.

Cronenberg is disarmingly straightforward, thoughtful, and … More

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Interview: Director Gary Ross

Gary RossBefore the production of Pleasantville (1998), Gary Ross had written two successful screenplays. The first, Big (1988), directed by Penny Marshall, helped jumpstart Tom Hanks’ film career. The second, Dave (1993), continued Ross’ pattern of writing lighthearted comedies with a humanist, dramatic soul — long before he became the … More

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Interview: Director Darren Aronofsky

Darren AronofskyDarren Aronofsky is an intelligent screenwriter-director whose feature film career was launched in 1998 with the release of the uniquely original and critically acclaimed film Pi. His latest feature is Requiem for a Dream (2000), an adaptation of the novel by Hubert Selby. This is the second film … More

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Interview: Director Hampton Fancher

Hampton Fancher

Hampton Fancher occupies a distinct niche in film history, as he (along with screenwriter David Peoples) is credited with writing the script for one of the touchstones of modern science fiction, Blade Runner (1983). His work not only preserved the powerful themes contained within Philip K. Dick‘s original … More

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Interview: Director John Cameron Mitchell

jcmJohn Cameron Mitchell is the driving creative force behind one of this year’s most exciting releases, Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001). He directed, wrote, and played the title character in the film, which is an epic rock musical about the trials and adventures of a transsexual performer. His work … More

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