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A Man, A Blade, An Empty Road

Samurai Film: Post-War to 1970: Known in Japan as chanbara eiga (“sword fighting film”), a subset of the jidai-geki (“period theatre”) genre, samurai film and its development lies at the core of Japanese cinema and its long history. Chanbara became one of the central vehicles by which Japan would reexamine its culture and values in light of its new postwar, post-imperial role. [More →]


Screenwriting Glossary

act | A finite block of story action, its conclusion leading either a new direction for the story’s conflict, or to a resolution. An act is […]


Interview: Gary Ross

Before the production of Pleasantville (1998), Gary Ross had written two successful screenplays. The first, Big (1988), directed by Penny Marshall, helped jumpstart Tom Hanks’ film […]